• Think with us for the future


Think with us for the future.

We all want our future generations to enjoy this incredibly beautiful world. At the very heart of what we do is to work together to protect and preserve the one environment we all share.
Whether it’s turning landfill gas to power, organic waste to compost or returning towns or nature to pristine condition, we believe in human capacity to see beyond financial benefits and live in equilibrum with environment.
We have a comprehensive range of proven solutions available to assist with optimising sustainability and are constantly innovating to develop new solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers.
Alter Global International Ltd is part of ALTER GLOBAL GENERATION, S.L., World Trade Center, Edificio Sur- 2 Planta, Muelle de Barcelona, 08039 Barcelona, Spain, a company which facilities and operations have long been recognised as being amongst most environmentally responsible companies. We dedicate substantial investment and resources to ensure that we are delivering the highest environmental standards and the most innovative and sustainable solutions.

We believe in providing high quality performance and service. We are committed to:
- Forming enduring relationships with customers and suppliers
- Providing services which exceed customer expectations
- Providing innovative and sustainable solutions
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